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Are Bras Bad For You?



Short answer

Bras are not bad for you. There is no real evidence towards health issues, concerns or negative side effects from wearing a bra.



Long answer

Despite the uproar and circulation of rumors linking tight fitting bras with the increased risk of developing breast cancer by constricting the lymphatic system, there is no science to back up prior allegations that sparked from the book, "Dressed to Kill". There is no evidence or documentation stating that wearing a bra habitually on an everyday basis is either helpful or harmful to one's health. Bras are used to provide support, shape, and help with posture.

Minor irritation can occur and appear if your undergarment is not properly sized and fitted. It's important to have the correct size suitable for your body type, in order to lessen the likelihood of mild discomfort. Discomfort can be caused by bras that have underwires, or wearing bras that are too small. When an undergarment is too small, it can be constricting and cause chaffing which can lead to broken or raw skin.

Aside from the minor con's of wearing a bra, bras can enhance one's outward appearance by adding a cup size, or giving a lift that is needed. It also helps dramatically with posture. Women with larger breasts and smaller frames and usually struggle with back issues, pain, and posture. A proper bra will alleviate the heaviness and promote better posture, taking some weight off of the shoulders. Bras are also used in a fashionable sense, and they prevent breasts from looking "Saggy" or "Droopy".

Since there aren't any clinically proven health issues from wearing bras, it's safe to say it is the person's preference whether or not wearing bra benefits them.

Possible short-term side effects

  • irritation
  • chaffing
  • headaches
  • overall discomfort

Big are bras bad for you.


  • improves posture
  • provides lift / support
  • alleviate heaviness
  • helps fight back pain

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Written by Rachel Adams | 12-28-2015

Written by Rachel Adams
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