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Is Cranberry Juice Bad For You?



Short answer

Pucker-up, there are numerous health benefits from consuming cranberry juice. However, it is recommended you drink cranberry juice in small amounts due to high levels of sugar and acidity.



Long answer

Remember that Thanksgiving dish being passed around that was full of a red, jellied substance? It was most likely cranberries, a staple dish at many a holiday gatherings. In addition to enjoying cranberries in their raw or jellied state, they are also commonly processed into juice.

If you are looking for a juice loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, and salicylic acid, then you could do much worse that drinking a glass of cranberry juice. From guarding against urinary tract infections and inhibiting the spread of cancerous tumors, to lowering the risk of heart disease and respiratory disorders, the health benefits associated with cranberry juice are abundant.

However, in order to gain all of these benefits the juice needs to be consumed in its most natural form, such as 100% pure cranberry juice that is free from all of the added sugar typically found in concentrated forms. Although drinking cranberry juice is considered safe for most people, consuming extremely large quantities can produce stomach irritation.

Possible short-term side effects

  • upset stomach
  • diarrhea

Possible long-term side effects

  • kidney stones (rare)

Ingredients to be aware of

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  • uti relief
  • cancer prevention
  • heart disease prevention
  • respiratory disorder prevention
  • diabetes prevention
  • stomach disorder prevention
  • promotes gum health

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Written by Healthy Living 35 | 12-29-2015

Written by Healthy Living 35
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