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Is Crystal Geyser Water Bad For You?

Also Known As: Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water



Short answer

Crystal Geyser water might not be that great for you. It received one of the lowest bottled water scores by the Environmental Working Group (EWG)—mostly due to the fact the company gives almost no information about their treatment process.



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Long answer

When it comes to bottled water, today’s consumers have a lot of choices: well water, distilled water, mineral water or spring water; glass or plastic packaging; and the addition of electrolytes, minerals and more.

Among all of those options, you’ll eventually run across Crystal Geyser. A brand of spring water, Crystal Geyser was founded in 1990 and is sourced right here in the United States—from private wells in northern California to the Ossipee Mountains of New Hampshire. And on their official website, Crystal Geyser proudly touts that they are an independent, family-owned enterprise.

But is Crystal Geyser spring water safe? Or could it be bad for you?

Compared to other bottled waters, Crystal Geyser doesn’t seem like such a great choice. The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit consumer watchdog organization, recently studied 173 different types of bottled to learn if the manufacturers would disclose details on the water source, how their product is treated, and whether or not test results are shared with consumers.

The EWG also examined how effective a company’s treatment methods for each bottled water was. Because as a consumer, you absolutely have the right to know where the water is from—and what is done to it prior to putting it into your body.

In the EWG analysis, filtered tap water received the best grade. Believe it or not: filtered water is usually purer than bottled water. And of all the types of bottled water, Crystal Geyser received one of the lowest possible scores. But this wasn’t because the EWG detected a lot of impurities or toxins within the water itself. Crystal Geyser simply did not offer enough transparency into the product they produce.

In fact, Crystal Geyser provides no test results or even test parameters. On their website, they simply offer a general statement, explaining that they test their water for “hundreds of different constituents.”

This is alarming because well water can easily be contaminated, especially with minerals like iron and manganese. And since the wells are private, states will not test for hundreds of toxic chemicals. This is unfortunate because high levels of manganese can cause added bacterial growth in the water. Manganese toxicity has a devastating effect on the muscles, mimicking Parkinson's disease. Additionally, excessive manganese consumption can lead to hypertension in patients over the age of 40.

But even though Crystal Geyser is not very transparent about their bottling and purification process, it’s still probably a healthier alternative to drinking tap water. 

Possible long-term side effects

  • unknown


  • convenient
  • cost-effective
  • safer than tap water

Recommended Brand (what is this?)

Mountain Valley Spring Water

  • Natural spring water
  • Packaged in glass
  • Hydration on-the-go
  • BPA-free packaging
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View Sources | Written by Rachel Adams
Published on: 11-14-2023
Last updated: 11-29-2023

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View Sources
Written by Rachel Adams
Published on: 11-14-2023
Last updated: 11-29-2023

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