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Is Hummus Bad For You?

Also Known As: houmous



Short answer

Hummus is a healthy food which provides many unique health benefits to those who consume it frequently.



Long answer

Hummus is a creamy substance which originates from the Middle East and is generally used as a dip or spread for chips, bread, sandwiches, meats, and more. Recently, the delicious dip has gained attention as a 'superfood' due to its many health benefits. So, is hummus really as healthy as the media makes it out to be?

The short answer is yes. Hummus is an all-natural food which carries many unique health benefits.

Most of hummus' health benefits derive from its primary ingredient: garbanzo beans. Garbanzo beans are rich in protein, fiber, and iron. The fiber can help lower cholesterol and speed up weight loss, as well as decrease risk of type 2 diabetes. The iron helps alleviate symptoms of anemia in those who suffer from the disease by delivering oxygen to red blood cells.

Hummus has even been known to reduce the risk of cancer. Hummus is incredibly rich in folate. Folate-rich foods have been proven to decrease the risk of many types of cancer, including colorectal cancers, in those who consume them frequently. The folate in hummus can also help lower one's risk of heart disease.

All in all, hummus deserves the superfood title, as it includes many unique health benefits that can be difficult to obtain from other foods in one's daily diet. Plus, it's delicious!

Big is hummus bad for you.


  • faster weight loss
  • lower cholesterol
  • decreased risk of heart disease
  • decreased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • decreased risk of cancer
  • alleviation of anemia symptoms

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Written by Shaylie F | 02-11-2016

Written by Shaylie F
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