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Is Sleeping With The Windows Open Bad For You?



Short answer

Unless you are allergic to something from the outside, sleeping with the windows open is good for you, as it allows natural air to circulate in your room.



Long answer

Sleeping with the windows open can be quite good for you, provided you don't have any allergies that could be made worse by leaving them open. For people who have allergies to things frequently found in the outdoor air, such as pollen, leaving the windows open during sleep could agitate these allergies. Another point to consider is that around 3 a.m. both the outside temperature and one's body temperature dip to their lowest points. This can cause muscles in the head and neck to tense up, leading one to wake up with a headache or feeling fatigued. 

While the effect of the cold on the body is a concern, it is easily remedied by using a blanket. For people without outdoor allergies, keeping the window open - or at least slightly cracked - is a good idea. For one, it reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in homes that use gas for heating. Carbon monoxide needs a way to escape to the outside, but sometimes people do not have enough ventilation for it to dissipate - especially when sleeping. 

Another benefit of sleeping with the windows open is that it allows fresh, humid air to circulate into the room. Sleeping with the window closed can create a situation in which you spend your time sleeping in a room that is insulated and without humidity, which can lead to dehydration.

Furthermore, fresh air has been shown by various studies to actually improve many different aspects of your health including digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, immunity, and energy. Some have even correlated fresh air with happiness. 

Choosing whether or not to sleep with the windows open depends largely on your personal situation. If you are allergic to things from outside or live in a polluted area, keep the windows closed. If you are using gas to heat your home or simply want to reap the benefits of fresh air, keep the open.

Possible short-term side effects

  • allergy attack
  • headache
  • muscle tension in head and neck

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  • fresh air promotes:
  • lower risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • lower risk of dehydration
  • healthy digestion
  • healthy blood pressure
  • healthy heart rate
  • immunity
  • increased energy
  • happiness

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Written by Jeff Volling | 02-05-2016

Written by Jeff Volling
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