Dr. Sunil

Board Certified Pulmonary Critical Care

Dr. Sunil, based in Tucson, Arizona, is a renowned Pulmonologist and Critical Care specialist, certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. With over 19 years of experience in operating his own medical practice, Dr. Sunil brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to his field. His driving passion lies in helping others and significantly improving their quality of life, which he achieves through his deep understanding of respiratory and critical care medicine. His extensive experience, coupled with a commitment to patient care, makes him a trusted figure in his community.

At Is It Bad For You, Dr. Sunil plays a pivotal role in ensuring the accuracy and credibility of the information presented. His meticulous approach to healthcare, combined with his vast knowledge, contributes immensely to the site's mission of providing reliable health-related advice. Dr. Sunil's involvement ensures that the content is not only factual but also aligns with the latest medical standards and practices, making Is It Bad For You a trusted source for health information on the web.