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Are Triscuits Bad For You?



Short answer

While Triscuits do provide some nutritional value, they also contain harmful ingredients. Consume them in moderation, and avoid the other flavor variations.



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Long answer

Nabisco Triscuit crackers are perceived as a healthy snack simply because of their whole wheat properties. At first glance, the Triscuit Original label looks promising with an ingredient list of only three items: whole wheat grains, vegetable oil (canola or soybean oil), and sea salt. A short list of ingredients you can pronounce is always a good sign. However, the production of vegetable oil is a major problem, not to mention the toxic additives in Triscuit’s other flavor variations. And although they may seem like a low-calorie snack (120 calories per serving), one serving allows for only six crackers. Let’s face it. If you’ve sat down with a box of these crackers before, you probably ate more than six.

Here is a look at the positive side. Triscuits are baked, not fried. They do not contain trans fats or sugar, which are found in most processed foods. Best of all, Triscuit crackers are made with whole wheat grains, which provides a generous amount of fiber. One serving offers 12% of the daily recommend value. Fiber normalizes bowel movements and keeps the digestive system healthy.

So what’s wrong with Triscuits? It mostly has to do with the second item on the ingredient list: vegetable oil. Apparently, both canola and soybean oil are used to make the crackers; both are harmful. Most vegetable oils come from GMOs. GMOs leave behind toxins in the body that can lead to chronic illnesses such as cancer. Aside from their genetically modified ingredients, these oils are dangerously processed. Part of the procedure includes a hexane bath. Hexane is a poisonous solvent that is often used as an industrial cleaner or degreaser, and is toxic when inhaled. How much hexane remains in the final product is unknown.

If you’re going to pick up a box of Triscuits, make sure you get the Original flavor with three ingredients. Many of the other variations contain harmful additives. For example, the Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil flavors include red, yellow and blue food coloring, along with flavor enhancers and other wordy chemicals.

In conclusion, if you’re deciding between a bag of potato chips and few Triscuit crackers, go with the crackers. You will benefit from the dietary fiber, and you will avoid a lot of chemicals that are generally found in other processed foods. Just don’t eat too many.

Possible short-term side effects

  • allergic reaction

Possible long-term side effects

  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • obesity
  • inflammation

Ingredients to be aware of

  • gmos
  • hexane
  • chemical additives in flavored varieties


  • baked, not fried
  • source of fiber
  • zero fat
  • zero sugar

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Written by Maddiebair
Published on: 09-02-2016
Last updated: 11-30-2023

Thank you for your feedback!

Written by Maddiebair
Published on: 09-02-2016
Last updated: 11-30-2023

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