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Is Cantaloupe Bad For You?

Also Known As: mush melon, rock melon, sweet melon, honeydew, Persian melon, muskmelon



Short answer

Cantaloupe is great for you! It provides your body with many vitamins necessary for good health.



Long answer

There is something so satisfying about biting into a fresh slice of cantaloupe, and its juiciness and subtle sweetness will undoubtedly have you reaching for more. It’s a good thing too—this fruit is packed with nutrients that will help you live a healthier life.

Cantaloupe, along with other orange fruits and vegetables, is a fantastic source of beta-carotene. Your body converts this to vitamin A, which can help protect against and decrease the likelihood of certain cancers, arthritis, and macular degeneration. Cantaloupe is also a fantastic source of vitamin C, which can strengthen the immune system and fight against cardiovascular disease. In addition, the fiber content helps keep your bowel movements regular, the potassium protects against hypertension, and choline helps reduce inflammation. Not to mention the high water content keeps you nicely hydrated, especially during those summer months!

Unfortunately, the grooves in the rough exterior of the fruit are an ideal place for bacteria to grow. While it does not happen often, there have been some cases of cantaloupes being contaminated by their processing equipment. To avoid contamination in your home, ensure that knives and cutting boards are properly cleaned before chopping the fruit, so bacteria do not transfer over. Also, cantaloupe should be refrigerated once cut into, and kept no longer than a week.

Don’t let a few poor batches deter you from enjoying this superfood, though. It is absolutely packed with nutrients that will keep your body in fighting form. Try some for a healthy dessert tonight!


Ingredients to be aware of

  • while not an inherent part of the cantaloupe melon, bacterial contaminants (such as listeria and salmonella) can sometimes be found on the fruit

Big is cantaloupe bad for you


  • increased regularity
  • increased immunity
  • keeps you hydrated
  • decreased risk of:
  • metabolic syndrome
  • stroke
  • cardiovascular disease
  • some forms of cancers
  • arthritis
  • macular degeneration

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Written by Healthy Living 35 | 01-07-2016

Written by Healthy Living 35
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