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Is Goat Cheese Bad For You?

Also Known As: chèvre



Short answer

Goat cheese is healthier than traditional cow cheese and contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals. It is not bad for you unless overconsumed.



Long answer

Goat cheese is a type of cheese which is derived from the milk of goats rather than cows. Goat cheese is typically considered to be healthier than traditional cow cheese because it is lower in calories and richer in vitamins and nutrients.

A standard serving of goat cheese contains only approximately 70 calories while the same amount of traditional cheddar cheese includes upwards of 110 calories. Goat cheese is also lower in fat than cow cheese; it contains only five grams of fat per serving compared to the nine grams of fat present in cheddar cheese. Furthermore, it includes no cholesterol, while cheddar cheese contains at least twenty-five milligrams per serving.

Along with its low fat and calorie quantity, goat cheese contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals. It is rich in vitamins K, D, A, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and phosphorous, all of which are necessary to maintain a healthy body.

One of the best benefits of goat cheese, apart from its nutritional value, is that it is much easier to digest than other cheese. With goat cheese, individuals who are lactose intolerant and are unable to consume traditional cheese without suffering an upset stomach or nausea can safely enjoy the health benefits and delicious flavor of cheese without suffering the negative health consequences.

All in all, goat cheese is a healthy alternative to traditional cheese and is an excellent choice for individuals who love cheese but want to stay fit and limit their caloric intake.

Possible long-term side effects

  • weight gain

Ingredients to be aware of

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  • easy to digest
  • low in calories
  • low in fat
  • great source of vitamins
  • great source of minerals
  • great source of protein
  • promotes gastrointestinal health

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Written by Shaylie F | 12-27-2015

Written by Shaylie F
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