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Is 5-hour ENERGY Bad For You?

Also Known As: 5-hour ENERGY shot



Short answer

It's not uncommon to see someone drinking a 5 Hour Energy before a night out or as a mid-afternoon jolt in the office, but is the extra energy accompanied by dangerous side effects? The drinks have been linked with hundreds of annual hospitalizations and at least 11 deaths.



Long answer

Clearly, a drink that claims to condense the caffeine of several cups of coffee into just two ounces isn't going to be an extremely healthy option. The high dose of caffeine is exactly what makes 5 Hour Energy a dangerous option. In tests, it's been found that 5 Hour Energy contains just over 200mg of caffeine. For reference, an 8 oz cup of coffee from Starbucks contains about 95mg of caffeine. While it would seem that the energy drink would be the same as having two cups of coffee, the issue is the concentration of caffeine in the small sized bottle. Sipping coffee over the course of an hour or so gives a slow and steady supply of caffeine to the body. However, gulping down a 5 Hour Energy drink a quick jolt that will shock the system. The sudden intake of caffeine has been shown to cause spikes in blood pressure, vomiting, seizures, tachycardia (an abnormally fast heartbeat), and more.

How does 5 Hour Energy stack up against other energy drinks? While there are plenty of options for similar products on the market, many people are choosing 5 Hour Energy because of the convenience. Taking a single shot of the drink is faster and may seem much more effective than taking the time to sip an 8 oz can of another energy drink. However, keep in mind that every 2 oz bottle of 5 Hour Energy actually contains 2 servings. Ingesting the entire contents of the bottle will shock your body and could cause the negative side effects listed. It is in your best interest to avoid 5 Hour energy entirely.

Possible short-term side effects

  • blood pressure spike
  • vomiting
  • tachycardia
  • seizure (rare)
  • insomnia
  • shakiness
  • nausea

Possible long-term side effects

  • heart attack
  • dependency

Ingredients to be aware of

Big is 5 hour energy bad for you 2


  • quick boost of energy
  • fewer calories than soft drinks

Healthier alternatives

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Written by Healthy Living 35 | 12-29-2015

Written by Healthy Living 35
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