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Are Popchips Vegan?

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It Depends

All Popchips are suitable for vegetarians, however, only the sea salt, sea salt and vinegar, lightly salted tortilla, and salt and pepper Popchips are suitable for vegans. 

The sour cream, cheese, meat and chilli-based flavors contain milk or milk powder - a dairy product - however, all their products are gluten free with no artificial colors or flavors and no added preservatives – on top of being baked and not fried. 

Here is a list of vegan-friendly Popchips for your reference: 

  • Sea Salt 
  • Sea Salt and Vinegar 
  • Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips 
  • Salt and Pepper 


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Written by Rachel Adams | 01-26-2017

Written by Rachel Adams
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