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Are Banana Chips Vegan?

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It Depends

When banana chips are homemade, or factory made with limited ingredients, they can be made simply by dehydrating bananas with nothing added. Some recipes add a bit of lemon juice to keep the chips crispy. When made this way, banana chips are vegan.

There are some brands that use this method and eliminate any extra ingredients. These store-bought banana chips are vegan and will almost always be labeled that way in stores.

Some brands, however, fry their chips rather than dehydrating or baking them. There may be a non-vegan oil, like palm oil, in the ingredients. Some banana chips may also have additional ingredients to add different flavors, and include non-vegan preservatives. Always check the packaging for added ingredients, and when in doubt, contact the manufacturer. 

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Written by Rachel Adams | 01-26-2017

Written by Rachel Adams
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