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Are Triscuits Vegan?

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It Depends

Of the 20 some flavors Triscuit offers, most of them are vegan. A few varieties, such as Roasted Garlic, are on the questionable side. Look out for the additives disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate - both of which are typically produced with fish. 



Here is a full list of all varieties we know to be vegan:

  • Whole Grain Wheat Original
  • Whole Grain Wheat Reduced Fat
  • Whole Grain Wheat Hint of Salt
  • Whole Grain Wheat Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil
  • Whole Grain Wheat Balsamic Vinegar & Basil
  • Whole Grain Wheat Rosemary & Olive Oil
  • Whole Grain Wheat Dill Sea Salt & Olive Oil
  • Whole Grain Wheat Garden Herb
  • Whole Grain Wheat Rye With Caraway Seeds
  • Brown Rice & Wheat Sweet Potato & Roasted Onion
  • Brown Rice & Wheat Sea Salt & Black Pepper
  • Brown Rice & Wheat Roasted Red Pepper & Red Bean
  • Brown Rice & Wheat Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Sugar
  • Thin Crisps Original
  • Minis Original


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Written by Brendan Quigley | 12-13-2016

Written by Brendan Quigley
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